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Jewelry Glamour Magick Spell Template


(This is used as a base for all glamour spells to be cast on jewelry that is made by me. You can tweak accordingly, but if you wish to repost your creation you made with this post, please put a link to this post.)


  • A candle the color of your desired meaning (aka red for attracting things, white or black for protection, etc)
  • The piece of jewelry you cast this spell upon
  • Herbs/spices that match the purpose of your spell (aka crushed bay leaves for attracting things)
  • Bowl
  • Olive oil/vegetable oil/ oil with desired meaning (aka lavender oil would be used for attraction) (NOTE: not all oils should be used on skin since it can cause irritation, please do your research beforehand)
  • Rose water (optional)

Things you need to make:

  • A sigil representing your purpose for the spell (for example, if you want to look older, make a sigil that means ‘LOOK OLDER’; alternatively, you can use this site to make a sigil for you)
  • A chant to enforce the purpose of the spell (aka make up something to say like if you want to look more attractive ‘every guy that lays eyes on me, will be enchanted with what they see’)

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